2016 Winners

Rock Star: Life Achievement Award

Sara Miller McCune, Sage Publications

Sara started Sage Publications at the age of 24 by publishing journals in the social sciences, an area largely ignored by the existing publishers. Sage has grown and expanded so now there is Sage London, Sage India and Sage Southeast Asia, the K-12 division, Corwin Press, Congressional Quarterly and Pacific Standard Magazine, published in Santa Barbara. Sage has just celebrated its 50th anniversary, and Sara remains very much involved in this remarkable company. Sara is an amazing role model for women because she is not only successful but she also generously gives back to this community.



Morgan Clendenen, Cold Heaven Cellars

Morgan started Cole Heaven Cellars in 1996 with the goal of being the best producer from Viognier grape. She uses old world methods and as both winemaker and owner, she is passionate about the quality of her wines. In addition to raising her children and running her winery, Morgan was first chair of the Santa Barbara's Vintners action benefiting Direct Relief and served on the Direct Relief board for 6 years. Cold Heaven Cellars is located in Buellton at the same location as the winery.


Emerging Business:

Norah Eddy, Salty Girl Seafood

Salty Girl Seafood offers a line of sustainably sourced seafood. Each product in the Salty Girl line is traceable back to the fisherman or fishing community where it was caught. Developed to make choosing and preparing seafood simple, each product comes pre-marinated with simple cooking instructions right on the package. Norah has worked in and on water most of her life. Salty Girl Seafood came together after Norah and her business partner, Laura Johnson, obtained their Master Degrees from the UCSB Bren School of Environmental Science & Management in 2014.


Green/Social Entrepreneurship:

Randee Disraeli, Kanaloa Seafood

Randee and her husband, both scientists, started Kanaloa Seafood 33 years ago and remained faithful to their mission of providing high-grade, environmentally responsible seafood. They supply restaurants and hotels across the country. while our fish market provides the same quality product to our customers in Santa Barbara and Oxnard. Our restaurant on Chapala St. also offers fresh, inventive seafood dishes, with house-made salsas and tortillas. In this vertical integration of our business, every part of the fish is used. Even the fish bones go back to crab fishers as feed!



Robin Walker, Core Fitness Training

Robin started Core Fitness Training 21 years ago after being involved in weight training and body building. She saw a need for an exercise studio in Santa Barbara that emphasized whole health, corrective exercise, balance training, total body workouts and recovery movements to promote overall health and wellness. Clients range in age from 23 to 96 and Robin and her staff create programs to help them meet their health and fitness goals.



Sherry Villanueva, Acme Hospitality

Sherry Villanueva is Managing Partner of Acme Hospitality that owns three hospitality-based businesses in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone – The Lark, a 135 seat full-service family style restaurant/bar, Lucky Penny, a takeaway wood-fire pizzeria, Les Marchands, a wine bar and retail shop, as well as the Santa Barbara Wine Collective. All Acme properties are dedicated to delivering the highest quality experience to their guests through outstanding service, delicious food/wine/spirits and an atmosphere that is casually sophisticated, warm and inviting.



Kristi Cooper, Pilates Anytime

Pilates Anytime is an online subscription video-on-demand (SOVD) service that streams over 2000 Pilates videos to subscribers in over 130 countries so they have access anytime. Kristi and her team film all the videos in their studio in Carpinteria and the company is the largest SVOD company in the world. Prior to starting Pilates Anytime, Kristi was a self-employed Pilates teacher and was frustrated by not being able to share the value and benefits of Pilates with more people. She decided the best way to do that was to film classes and distribute them over the Internet, so she launched the business in 2010. The initial startup was very hard but once it was up and running, it became profitable within the first four months.



Nathalie Gensac, Youth Interactive

Nathalie started Youth Interactive in 2012. It is a creative entrepreneurship academy serving students ages 14-24 from low-income families. From biscotti that the students make and sell to local business to student-made arts and craft that are sold in their Funk Zone storefront, Youth Interactive has been very successful in re-engaging "drop out youth" back to learning and on to a responsible, positive pathway to adulthood. It is now is operating at full capacity and has a waiting list. YI also does outreach throughout the county.


Professional Services:

Judy Hawkins, Ruby Road Leadership

Judy started Ruby Road Leadership three years ago with this philosophy: How might we cultivate mindfulness and heart-centered workplaces, for leaders and teams, to unlock human and business potential? Ruby Road Leadership optimizes entrepreneurial cultures and facilitates collaboration across the business and nonprofit sectors by leading, training and inspiring strong teams as well as designing and managing projects, community initiatives and strategic solutions.



Mahri Kerley, Chaucer's Books

Mahri started Chaucer's 41 years ago because she loves books. She feels the mission of Chaucer's is to present an interesting, challenging and entertaining mix of books and sidelines so that every person who comes in the store will find something they didn't know they would be interested in. Chaucer's gives back to the community through school book fairs. And the inventory of the store is curated by Mahri and her knowledgeable staff specifically for the Santa Barbara/Southern California community.



Andrea Neal, Ph.D., Blue Ocean Sciences

Blue Ocean Sciences creates solutions to some of our toughest environmental problems through a highly accelerated process of working with scientists, physicists, engineers and others. Andrea co-founded the company in 2012. The company is different because they approach and solve environmental problems from concept to sale. Their latest technology will hit the market later this year because they have partnered with a company that be introducing it nationwide. What makes this special is that all involved become a team working together to create a healthier planet for future generations.