SOE Award Recipient

2011 • Health, Fitness & Beauty


Cathi Lamberti

Santa Barbara, CA

"Entrepreneurship comes with no assurances of any kind but it is also one of the most powerful ways to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Trust yourself, be loyal to your decisions once you make them, and manage your cash very, very carefully."

Cathi's Bio...

Cathi developed and designed revolutionary SMARTfit systems by using the problem, itself, to develop a solution by providing a comprehensive exercise and wellness solution for both the body and brain while captivating users in the same ways that a modern video game does. Since she first won the SOE Award in 2011, Cathi’s products are now being used in K-12 schools, family fitness centers, YMCAs, nonprofits, sports performance centers, medical and occupational therapy institutions and the military.