SOE Award Recipient

2012 • Science & Technology


Darya Bronston

Santa Barbara, CA
Annovium Products

"The majority of my focus was on perfecting the product, so when it took off so fast, we have had a race to catch the company up with the product."

Darya's Bio...

Darya Bronston founded DKB Resources in 2000 to focus on research and development within the printed circuit board (PCB) industry. By providing PCB program management, engineering, design layout, and manufacturing support services; the most notable of which include the 2003 and 2009 Mars Rover Programs for Jet Propulsion Laboratory as well as the EKV and RAFAR Programs for Raytheon Systems, Ms. Bronston has ensured that DKB Resources is identified with excellence.

15 years ago, prior to developing DKB Resources, Ms. Bronston became a certified massage therapist using a wide variety of techniques including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, and Cranio-Sacral and Hot Stone therapy. Inspired by the complex and amazing systems and structures of the body, she continued to train and expand her skills and knowledge about health, wellness and fitness, while also studying and growing her practice and understanding of Pilates.

Her work experience trouble shooting programs combined with her fascination with health and the human body, inspired Ms. Bronston to create a foam rolling class in 2007 using trigger point therapy and a Foam Roller to teach and empower participants about muscle release, circulatory flow, core strengthening and overall body health. As she worked with clients, Ms. Bronston had an epiphany about exercise that would combine the benefits of massage and foam rolling with the benefits of resistance, strength training and Pilates. She and her husband built a prototype exercise device in their garage that evolved into the current CoreFitnessRoller™. With her sights set on the “benefits to users,” her extensive training and teaching evolved into the founding of Annovium Products and creation of the CoreFitnessRoller™.