SOE Award Recipient

2012 • Tourism/Hospitality


Merryl Brown

Santa Barbara, CA
Merryl Brown Events

"I love working for myself and setting an example for my children as a successful entrepreneur."

Merryl's Bio...

Merryl Brown specializes in event planning for nonprofit, corporate, and private events. With only three years in business, she has distinguished herself as a leader in the industry, not only locally but nationally, as evidenced by multiple awards from leading industry associations including the national Association of Women in Communications (best fundraising event 2011), the International Special Event Society (Best Green Solution 2011), and BizBash West 2011, where she was awarded Social Event Planner of the Year in front of 1,200 event and meeting professionals.

Merryl is well-known for her creativity, expertise and professionalism. Her work encompasses intimate social occasions as well as major events with budgets in excess of $250,000. For each client, Merryl is dedicated to insuring success through her innovative ideas and attention to detail, no matter how big or small the event. Her constant concern for her clients and colleagues is evident throughout her work.

Merryl has distinguished herself by insisting on sustainability throughout the planning process and event execution. She is recognized for her leadership in demonstrating that elegant, expensive events can be managed with our environment in mind. She considers all aspects of environmental sustainability, including energy efficiency, transportation, waste reduction, materials sourcing, and using organic, locally grown food and flowers.

Her company has achieved measurable financial success and she supports many nonprofit organizations by offering free or substantially discounted services to help them achieve success both in fundraising and in service delivery. Beneficiaries include Community Environmental Council, Breast Resource Center, Pacific Pride Foundation, Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara, Angels Foster Care, American Heart Association, and others.