2014 Finalists

2014 Winners

Agricultural & Wineries



Kathy Joseph

Fiddlehead Cellars

Fiddlehead is a happy family of hard workers who love the business and artistic challenges of making great wine; together we thrive on taking pride in our handmade approach. As a boutique, focused winery, we operate passionately and seamlessly and commit to growing and making only Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc wines. Kathy's mission is to have the love of making wine reflected in every sip!


Sonja Magdevski

Casa Dumetz Wines

Sonja is the winemaker and owner of Casa Dumetz. She has a wine tasting room her goal is to provide the community and her clients with a wonderful environment in which to engage with new people, old friends and have conversations that span the globe. Her philosophy in business is not what can she get, but what can she give.


Denise Woolery

Acanthus Landscape Design

Denise creates outdoor spaces that incorporate horticultural knowledge with a keen sense of design and attention to detail and sustainability. Her special knowledge of local floral and fauna and her ability to visualize the end result when viewing the site for the first time help her bring her clients' vision into reality.

Emerging Business



Amy Chalker

Isabella Gourmet Foods

In her newest entrepreneurial endeavor, Amy Isabella Chalker marries the down home charm of an East Coast general store with the intimate, upscale setting that befits the Santa Barbara lifestyle. Launched in May 2013, Isabella Gourmet Foods fills a niche in Santa Barbara; a boutique specialty grocery run by a Dietitian and focused on supporting the local artisan food community as well as artisan food communities of the West Coast and New England.


Robin Elander

Global Good Impact

Global Good Impact strengthens individuals, businesses and communities through leadership workshops, educational insight tours, community building events and specialized consulting services. In addition to supporting individuals' personal and professional growth, we help businesses that are seeking to build stronger employees, coalitions, advocacy networks, events and campaigns that promote long term positive impacts in communities locally and globally.


Pam Tanase


Workzones is a new office concept for independent professionals, entrepreneurs and remote workers who join as members. We offer a professional shared office space in downtown Santa Barbara that is more affordable than a leased office, has less distractions or the isolation than working at home and is much more professional than working in a coffee shop. In addition to the "co-working" space, we have 8 private meeting rooms, a board room and a training room that operate on a "pay-as-you-go" model..

Green & Social Entrepreneurship



Dr. Sharon Donohoe

Turbine Technology Partners

Turbine Techonology Partners provides engineering consulting services to the wind industry because it has unique expertise in wind turbine design and operation. We are focused on supporting our goal of generating cost effective and reliable carbon-free renewal energy for the world. The team leverages its many years of experience in new turbine design, manufacturing, project development and fleet operations to provide cost effective solutions for our customers.


Lacey Grevious

The Refillery

The Refillery offer household cleaning supplies and body products by the ounce to encourage the reuse of our bottles and reduce what ends up in our landfill. Most of our products are also unscented and we offer 90 different oils to custom scent our products to make the experience fun and personalized. You can bring in your own bottle or buy a fresh one at the shop. Either way our hope is that you'll keep refilling your container until it falls apart on you.


Kimberly True

True Nature Design

True Nature is a full service landscape architecture and environmental consulting practice. Kimberly runs the architecture division and frequently consults with senior biologist Jonathan True. They provide planning and landscape services from concept through construction. All of their design works seeks to respect and/or enhance ecological systems, conserve resources, promote healthy watersheds and bring a sense of natural beauty to our community.

Health & Wellness



Sandra Hirsch

Isolite Systems

Isolite Systems are the pioneer and leading provider of dental isolation systems, which enables clinical practitioners to perform better quality dentistry while emphasizing patient comfort and safety. We generated the original design of the product and have a range of sizes to accommodate every patient. Our soft flexible one-piece construction maximizes ease of use and speed in every procedure, increasing enjoyment for practitioner and patient alike


Suzanne McNeely

Senior Planning Services

Senior Planning Services helps families and seniors find solutions for aging issues that promote dignity, independence and quality of life. The company works with seniors and their families to consider their personal life styles, resources and preferences to address current health care crises as well as to plan for the future. It provides professional caregivers matched to the client and their family system who are carefully screened, trained and overseen by licensed health care professionals. Additionally, Senior Planning Services advocate for seniors who lack family to represent them.


Marlo Tell

Marlo's Massage

Marlo's Therapeutic & Sports Massage provides corrective and therapeutic bodywork that focuses on restoring and enhancing overall health and well-being. I have designed and continuously improve a therapeutic modality that repairs and heals injured and/or stressed bodies, and targets correcting posture issues. I also taught my team our techniques and together we have helped hundreds of people live pain-free, and in many cases avoid surgeries.

Media & Communications



Holley Proctor Malia

Grey Matter Marketing

Grey Matter Marketing is an award-winning full service strategic marketing agency focused in the healthcare industry. We provide the marketing architecture to build strong connections with providers and patients to drive adoption of innovative technology that improves lives. Organizations turn to us for a variety of marketing services ranging from critical projects to serving as a complete outsourced marketing department. Our key strength is finding the important truth in our client's brand story.


Marianne Partridge

Santa Barbara Independent

For 27 years The Santa Barbara Independent has been the largest weekly news and arts publication on the Central Coast. For the last 9 years we have also published a daily web version that serves the region for current, up-to-the-minute news and event information. The Independent is an award winning publication both in print and on line. No other media company in the region has our long history of social involvement and institutional knowledge about the political, educational, arts, business, legal and entertainment communities in this community.


Lorrie Thomas Ross

Web Marketing Therapy

Web Marketing Therapy is a full-service marketing agency that diagnoses, prescribes and guides healthy solutions. We bridge the high-tech web world with high-touch marketing advice, education and marketing management so marketing is focused on maximizing relationships. We are known for our strategic advisory, training and marketing management. We build business by boosting relationships. We have a trademarked term called markEDing ® that is today's Education-centric approach to marketing.

Professional Services



Renee Grubb

Village Properties

Village Properties offers unparalleled real estate services with offices in Montecito, Santa Barbara. and Santa Ynez. As a local independent real estate company we have created an environment built on teamwork and high ethical standards unequaled in Santa Barbara. We offer state of the art technology led by a strong management team with sales agents who are knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate and are 100% committed to our clients.


Janean Acevedo Daniels

Law Offices of Janean Acevedo Daniels

Janean Acevedo Daniels has over 23 years of experience in employment law and civil litigation. Ms. Daniels represents employees in wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual and other unlawful harassment, whistleblower, breach of contract, and other employment-related cases; counsels employees facing unlawful conduct in the workplace; and assists with employment contracts and exit strategies. She also represents individuals in select tort, contract, insurance coverage, disability, and personal injury actions.


Kymberlee Weil

Strategic Samurai

Strategic Samurai offers strategic performance enhancement for people all over the world. Our specialties range from transformational speaker coaching for TEDx speakers to breakthrough thinking workshops for executives. We change people's lives by giving them tools and techniques to re-imagine what is possible. With 20+ years in a variety of martial arts and 20+ years with a variety of businesses, we have created a unique approach to problem solving and overcoming barriers that combines the two.

Hospitality & Tourism



Calla Gold

Calla Gold Jewelry

Calla is a Jeweler Without Walls, a jeweler without the typical bricks and mortar store. She meets her clients by appointment only at their home, office or her club, The University Club of Santa Barbara and has been doing this for 16 years. Calla Gold Jewelry sells fine gold jewelry, custom designs jewelry with a specialty in Bridal jewelry, repairs jewelry and does estate jewelry restoration and re-design. She has also written a book, "The Language of Jewelry Design" to help brides explain what they want to other jewelers.


Kiona Gross

Curious Cup Bookstore

Curious Cup Bookstore is an small, independent children's bookstore focusing on community, authors, and encouraging children to read by showing them the joy of books. We encourage students to enjoy reading, engage in discussions and have the opportunity to meet and interact with authors and to write reviews that we publish on our website. As a bookstore we strongly believe in giving back to our community. We participate in different programs that provide students with special needs the opportunity to work in a community business either as employees or interns. And as an art gallery, we give the opportunity to all artists to hang their work.


Sherry Villanueva

The Lark/Lucky Penny/Les Marchands de Vin

Sherry Villanueva is Managing Partner of Acme Hospitality that owns three hospitality-based businesses in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone – The Lark, a 135 seat full-service family style restaurant/bar, Lucky Penny, a takeaway wood-fire pizzeria and Les Marchands, a wine bar and retail shop. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality experience to our guests through outstanding service, delicious food/wine/spirits and an atmosphere that is casually sophisticated, warm and inviting. Our management team is an extraordinary group of leaders who inspire their respective teams to be better every day.

Science & Technology



Heather Gray

Gray Electrical Consulting + Engineering

Gray Electrical Consulting + Engineering, LLC is a California licensed electrical engineering firm located in Santa Maria. The company values their clients and strives to find the best solution for each design challenge. It offers services including: consulting engineering, power system design, lighting system design, and sustainability consulting services. One of the four company values Gray Electrical Consulting focuses on is "Act with integrity and communicate with full transparency."


Michele Hinnrichs

Gas Imaging Technologies

Pacific Advanced Technology was created for Research & Development in the field of state of the art electro-optics technology. For the past 26 years we have developed new and innovative technology based on ideas developed by Michele, who holds several patents on it. This led to the formation of a wholly owned subsidiary, Gas Imaging Technology (GIT), that manufactures and sells gas imaging cameras worldwide to the oil and gas industries for the detection of greenhouse gas emissions and other dangerous gas leaks. While GIT focuses on the commercial market, PAT, the parent company, continues to work with the Department of Defense and several branches of the military.


Dr. Chandra Krintz


AppScale Systems develops and supports software technologies that enable developers of all experience levels to create, deploy, monitor, and migrate scalable web and mobile cloud apps, data, and services easily.oxygen patients' lives easier every day. AppScale is the only cloud platform that is open-source, API-compatible with Google's cloud platform, and portable across cloud infrastructures (on-premise, at Amazon, at Google, and more) -- bringing "write-once, run-anywhere" to cloud apps.

Wholesale & Manufacturing



Patricia Bragg

Bragg Live Foods

Bragg Live Foods manufactures and distributes organic and natural food products and publishes health books sold and marketed internationally. We are pioneers in the health food industry and have been committed to the manufacture of healthy and organic food products for over 100 years, originating the Modern Health Food Store. The company was founded by Patricia's father, Dr. Paul C. Bragg, and she worked with him and studied health science and naturopathic medicine in order to carry on his business and legacy.


Anita Chambers

Odulair, LLC

Odulair, LLC designs, manufacturers, and markets mobile medical clinics for 40 medical specialties including internal medicine, mother & child health, dialysis, dental, ophthalmology, surgery, endoscopy, audiology, and many more. These clinics range in size from 4x4 trucks to 53' semi-trailers for performing more sophisticated medical procedures such as dialysis and surgery. These large clinics are U.S. healthcare code compliant and are being used around the world.


Karen Klein


KarenKleinLife is a wholesale candle company that has been inspired by Italy. We are THE decorative candle. We import paper from Italy known for its intricate details and subtle tones of gold. As the candle burns down, it picks up the gold's that are so indicative of the Florentine papers and glow and illuminate like a stain glass; truly a beautiful sight. Positioned in the upper segment of the market and sold internationally, the KarenKlein name has quicklybecome synonymous with luxury and quality both for aesthetics and materials – each carefully chosen with a philosophy of respect for "La Dolce Vita"- the good life.

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