SOE Award Recipient

2015 • Rock Star: Life Achievement


Dorothy Largay

Santa Barbara, CA
Linked Foundation

"The exciting thing about being an entrepreneur is seeing that a need is out there and going out and filling it."


Dorothy's Bio...

Trained as a psychologist, Dorothy was quickly drawn to management training and joined Apple in the 80s. She became their Director of Worldwide Leadership Development and set up all their independent offices in Europe. Dorothy happened to be in Berlin in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down and realized that professionals in Eastern Europe would need help in learning how to work in a free market economy. So she went home, quit her job and returned to help.

Dorothy has been very involved in our community: from serving as Board Chair of Direct Relief to being on the board on Cottage Hospital to founding the remarkable Linked Foundation. Her foundation focuses on developing and scaling social enterprises that improve the health of rural communities throughout Latin America where they focus on women and children.