SOE Award Recipient

2015 • Nonprofit


Marcia Bailey

Santa Barbara, CA
Women's Economic Ventures

"When I started writing a business plan for WEV in the late eighties…many women had a hard time seeing themselves as business owners—and so did everyone else. My mother would have chalked up my success at launching WEV to stubbornness.  I prefer to call it tenacity."

Marcia's Bio...

Marsha Bailey is the CEO and Founder of Women''s Economic Ventures which she started in 1991. Since its inception WEV has helped more than 2,000 businesses start up or expand. To date, WEV has loaned $3.5 million to pre-bankable businesses and trained 4,000 male and female clients, 74 percent of whom come from low- to moderate-income backgrounds. Over 96% of businesses started by WEV's clients are still in business 5 years after they begin. Marsha's belief in 1991 and the credo of WEV today is that economic empowerment is really the basis from which all other equity, equality, and power emerges.