SOE Award Recipient

2016 • Science & Technology • Giving Back Award


Andrea Neal, Ph.D.

Santa Barbara, CA
Blue Ocean Sciences

"When I started Blue Ocean Sciences I was really happy about the speed that we could tackle tough environmental issues. Every solution we create has true meaning as I look at my children and know that our hard work is going to be truly beneficial for them and their children."

Andrea's Bio...

Blue Ocean Sciences creates solutions to some of our toughest environmental problems through a highly accelerated process of working with scientists, physicists, engineers and others. Andrea co-founded the company in 2012. The company is different because they approach and solve environmental problems from concept to sale. Their latest technology will hit the market later this year because they have partnered with a company that be introducing it nationwide. What makes this special is that all involved become a team working together to create a healthier planet for future generations.

Giving Back Award

This important, separately funded Award was given out for the first time at our 2016 Spirit of Entrepreneurship™ Awards to Andrea Neal, Ph.D, for her company, Blue Ocean Sciences, Ltd.

The award was set up to recognize and financially support an outstanding new business founded by a woman entrepreneur who is creating value and job opportunities in her new endeavor in Santa Barbara County. The winner is selected by the donors to this Award, who are successful entrepreneurs living in Santa Barbara. All the winners of the Spirit of Entrepreneurship™ Awards who have been in business five years or less are eligible for the SB Entrepreneurs Giving Back Award. This year, the donors, who included Lynda Weinman and Sara Miller McCune, among others, selected Andrea.