SOE Award Recipient

2016 • Retail


Mahri Kerley

Santa Barbara, CA
Chaucer's Books

"It was hard for me to accept the fact that actualizing my vision was going to be a process, and it was often difficult to have the patience to allow myself to make mistakes, learn incrementally, and be satisfied that in time my efforts would result in the fulfillment of my vision."

Mahri's Bio...

Mahri started Chaucer's 41 years ago because she loves books. She feels the mission of Chaucer's is to present an interesting, challenging and entertaining mix of books and sidelines so that every person who comes in the store will find something they didn't know they would be interested in. Chaucer's gives back to the community through school book fairs. And the inventory of the store is curated by Mahri and her knowledgeable staff specifically for the Santa Barbara/Southern California community.