SOE Award Recipient

2016 • Nonprofit


Nathalie Gensac

Santa Barbara, CA
Youth Interactive

"I think to create something truly new and succeed you must have a little naivety of the process and what it is going to take out of you to make it happen. That is the beauty of youth and why many successful entrepreneurs are so young – you need the drive, energy and strength to ride into the valley of death and take your team and vision to the other side."

Nathalie's Bio...

Nathalie started Youth Interactive in 2012. It is a creative entrepreneurship academy serving students ages 14-24 from low-income families. From biscotti that the students make and sell to local business to student-made arts and craft that are sold in their Funk Zone storefront, Youth Interactive has been very successful in re-engaging "drop out youth" back to learning and on to a responsible, positive pathway to adulthood. It is now is operating at full capacity and has a waiting list. YI also does outreach throughout the county.