SOE Award Recipient

2016 • Green/Social Entrepreneurship


Randee Disraeli

Santa Barbara, CA
Kanaloa Seafood

"Never feel you’re an expert, no matter how long you’re in business. There’s always more to learn!"

Randee's Bio...

Randee and her husband, both scientists, started Kanaloa Seafood 33 years ago and remained faithful to their mission of providing high-grade, environmentally responsible seafood. They supply restaurants and hotels across the country. while our fish market provides the same quality product to our customers in Santa Barbara and Oxnard. Our restaurant on Chapala St. also offers fresh, inventive seafood dishes, with house-made salsas and tortillas. In this vertical integration of our business, every part of the fish is used. Even the fish bones go back to crab fishers as feed!