SOE Award Recipient

2017 • Science & Technology


Payal Kamdar

Santa Barbara, CA

"When you own your own business, you have the ability to do things the way you see fit. Starting my own company, I now had the ability to "cut the bureaucracy," and deliver value to the customer without being overly worried about short term results."

Payal's Bio...

Payal Kamdar founded VSolvit (pronounced: "We Solve it") in 2006 as a technology consulting services company focused on the Federal Government. VSolvit is dedicated to service to our nation, and our community by bringing innovation to their customers. They are a company by technologists for technologists in government.

December 2017 Update...

VSolvit (pronounced we solve it) is a technology consulting services company with government and commercial customers founded by Payal and her husband over ten years ago.  She attributes much of their success to a concept she adopted from her then 4-year-old daughter’s preschool class.

Payal calls it their “Own it and Fix it” culture that focuses team members on finding solutions to problems rather than spending too much time on the problems. This culture both boosts team morale and improves client satisfaction, a truly win-win proposition.

Payal enjoys running her own business because it allows her to cut the bureaucracy that she had to deal with when she worked for others.  By doing this VSolvit has been able to deliver quality service to their clients without being overly worried by short-term results.

VSolvit is located in Ventura in the building that was formerly the headquarters of Like its predecessor, it is growing rapidly and will soon be expanding again. Having benefited from mentors, Payal likes to give back be mentoring and sponsoring programs at Cal Lutheran University’s Hub101.