Defining Success

At a recent party, I was happy to be surrounded by a group of supportive and caring career women. I know that like myself, all of them have taken some pretty big knocks to get to where they are.

When we look at each other, especially as we get to be more successful in our chosen trades, rarely do we think about the failures that created the knowledgeable, seasoned business person. My story is like so many others. I don’t fit into the typical mold. Back when I was first out of academics, Jean-Michel Cousteau introduced me to the head of the United Nations Environmental Programme as a broken scientist. At the time, I was mortified. Today I own it because I fully get it and the power that title brings.

I think that other people often see your talents before you are ready to recognize them. It’s these people who are your silent cheerleaders, helping to guide you to the self-awareness that is your power. I am so thankful to all of them that have helped guide small parts of the business woman I am today into reality,

I dropped out of sight for a while. My company was struggling and my home life was falling apart. This was my mistake. Instead of reaching out to the wonderful supportive group of women in my community, I hid. I took the hits and slowly fixed each one privately. I had forgotten that these hits are common in the life of business professionals.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I had a home base to fall to. I am now a single mom and live in Ojai. I had some business friends I met through my last company. They were starting a new company in Ojai and recruited me to it.

Working to build Primary Water Resources LLC has been not only personally rewarding, it has been a lot of fun! I love my new business partners. We are all seasoned executives and I am able to use all of the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired while learning every day from this talented group.

Through Primary Water Resources LLC, I have been able to help create a truly sustainable business model that gives back to our communities while securing safe, affordable water for people.

I have been immensely lucky. I guess I want all of you to remember that we all take knocks; some of them are huge and forever change the direction of your life. This does not define success or failure. What defines your success is brushing off the dirt, getting back up, and reaching the full potential that is in you.

Dr. Andrea Neal (Dr. Dre)