SOE Award Recipient

2018 • Rock Star: Lifetime Achievement Award


Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree

Santa Barbara, CA
Pacific Air Industries

"‘For most of us, we have so much. How can we not give something back? Give something somewhere and give of ourselves; it’s not just money.’"

Lady Leslie's Bio...

Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree is the Chief Executive Officer and Chair of Pacific Air Industries, a company founded by her late husband, Paul in 1959. PAI is a leading source for airframe parts and components as well as a FAA-certified repair shop that refurbishes and maintains an up-to-date inventory for airline companies and delivery services, like FedEx, around the world. She is a trustee of the Ridley-Tree Foundation. The Foundation benefits outstanding students facing physical or financial barriers to education.

Lady Ridley-Tree was the director of a community center on New York City’s West Side and
established the first Head Start program (a federal program that promotes school readiness of children up to age 5). She also established the Bridge Academy for teens expelled from public school.

We all know Lady Ridley-Tree for her countless contributions to the community, including the new state-of-the-art Ridley-Tree Cancer Center. This amazing woman, in her nineties, is still actively running her business! Our board was enthusiastic about recognizing her because she is such an incredible role model for all of us.