SOE Award Recipient

2019 • Green & Social Entrepreneurship •

Emily Barany

Emily Barany

• Ventura, CA •


"You are not alone, and you don’t need to do it alone. Find a community of business owners who can celebrate your successes and walk through challenges with you."

Emily's Bio...

Emily has been a lifelong entrepreneur who was always running enterprises as she grew up. After college, she spent several years working a "real job" but she decided that she could no longer continue to let her ability to achieve and innovate be limited by anyone else. So, Emily took a leap of faith and embraced her desire to start her own company. She launched VISIONALITY in 2011 to strengthen and run the business operations side of nonprofits, allowing the organizations’ internal staff and volunteers to focus on the passion and programming necessary to deliver their missions. VISIONALITY has raised tens of millions of dollars, brought nonprofits back from the brink of bankruptcy, and taken an organization from day-one-launch to national news in a month. Their core mission is to better our community by strengthening the nonprofits who serve it.

Emily has a passion for all things culinary – especially sharing delicious food, complicated wine, and engaging conversation. She can often be found on the beach or practicing agility with her best friend, Scooter.