SOE Award Recipient

2019 • Hospitality & Tourism •

Leanne Schlinger

Leanne Schlinger

• Santa Ynez, CA •

Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals

"Hold on to your confidence no matter how challenging the journey becomes and remember that you are only one human."

Leanne's Bio...

Leanne comes from a family of entrepreneurs including her Mom and Dad who both ran successful companies of their own. She saw the pride they had in their companies and knew she wanted that for herself one day. She was attracted to the challenge of owning her own company, putting the pieces together, like a jigsaw puzzle, and building something that had her own stamp of approval. She believes that being an entrepreneur is something you are born with, and that successful entrepreneurs know in their core that they are meant to run their own company and it isn't a matter of if, its a matter of when. Leanne began drafting a business plan for her current company during her first year out of college. Then, after a year working as a project manager for an architect/designer, she decided to start Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals and has never looked back! Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals is the Valley's first network of symbiotic vacation rentals that connects travelers from around the world with local ranch owners providing accommodations and experiences that truly embellish the bucolic Santa Ynez Valley lifestyle.