SOE Award Recipient

2019 • Science & Technology •

Shawn Sullivan

Shawn Sullivan

• Santa Barbara, CA •

Above All Aviation, Inc.

"Keep striving. Never stop trying to better your business, reach for new heights, or go one-step further. It is because we have been constantly expanding; constantly reaching for something more, that we have enjoyed the success we worked for."

Shawn's Bio...

Shawn worked at several aviation companies before founding Above All Aviation. Each time a student came in the door with an issue or a concern or even a simple question about their training, she would think, "this could be done better." In fact, she thought it should be done better. Shawn believes that flight training should not be a process in which students' lack of knowledge is preyed upon for profit, nor should it be a confusing or especially scary experience for those who undertake it. She decided to go into business to provide the service I saw lacking at Santa Barbara Airport: a safe, honest, and thorough aviation education. Above All Aviation is now central/southern California's leading aviation company, providing services including flight training, aircraft maintenance, scenic tours and charter flights.