SOE Award Recipient

2019 • Arts & Entertainment


Laurie Gross

• Santa Barbara, CA •

Laurie Gross Studios

"Dream big. Work hard. Invite collaboration. Learn from others. Stay positive. Find your unique value and stick with it. Always listen carefully to what your client wants and always hold onto your integrity.."

Laurie's Bio...

Laurie is a nationally known artist recognized for her extraordinarily inspiring and spiritually based work. She reaches into biblical text and her Jewish tradition to create works embodying universal themes and rich metaphors. Much of the creative inspiration for her work is to be found in liturgical text and midrashic material. beginning as a weaver engaged in building a body of fiber sculptural work, her studio has expanded over the past four decades to include a staff of other creative artists who, together as a team, are involved in creating some of the finest work that is currently being designed for synagogue worship environments. Nine of the studio’s synagogue projects have received national awards from the American Institute of Architects and The Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art and Architecture in the area of religious and ceremonial art.