SOE Award Recipient

2020 • Hospitality & Tourism

Charlotte Andersen2

Charlotte Andersen

• Santa Barbara, CA •

The Andersen's Danish Bakery & Restaurant

Make sure you have time for yourself and dont sacrifice your why's."

Charlotte's Bio...

Charlotte was born into a Danish immigrant family that did not speak English and came to America with without any money. Despite these odds, her family established The Andersen’s Bakery in Santa Barbara in 1976, when she was two years old.

Charlotte has been running the bakery and restaurant with her mother since she was 19. She learned how to work hard and run all aspects of a business from a very young age by watching her parents open and operate the bakery and then expand their business to include a restaurant. Charlotte is self-taught and enjoys the creative side of event planning as well as classic car repair, a hobby she learned from her father.