SOE Award Recipient

2020 • Media & Communications

Denise Bean White

Denise Bean-White

• Ventura, CA •

consortium Media

Make sure you have time for yourself and dont sacrifice your why's."

Denise's Bio...

In 1990, Denise founded Consortium Media in Ventura to be home with her baby daughter more. After working out of her home for eight years, she realized that her business and staff had outgrown her home and needed an office to better support them.

The formation of Consortium Media was a combination of skills Denise believed could help many businesses through branded creative, individualized to their needs and vision, plus the media buying experience developed during her career in television station management. Utilizing effective media outreach, and in-depth research, they build balanced, targeted media programs for their clients. Not only does this specialized approach work for their paying clients, they are also able to assist non-profit organizations build media campaigns to target their goals more effectively on a pro bono basis.