SOE Award Recipient

2020 • Wholesale, Manufacturing & Global Trade

Hannah Duncan

Hannah Duncan

• Ventura, CA •

Well Products

“Do not tell anyone what you are doing. Just do it. Your friend's and family's job is to worry about you - so they automatically start questioning your decisions and well-being. Just go out and do it, until you are the past the point of no return!”

Hannah's Bio...

At the age of eight, Hannah began her career in sales, going door to door in her neighborhood selling avocadoes from her family’s tree out of her little red wagon.

With a start in radio advertising, Hannah then moved on to director of marketing to a family of over 20 radio stations. In 2006, she began working with a local doctor, and within six months she founded an international cosmetic manufacturing company.

Hannah has worked as vice president of sales and marketing in the spa industry for the past 11 years, working with international sales, organizational innovation, marketing, manufacturing, and package design. She is currently the Owner/ Creator of WELL PRODUCTS, a prestige CBD company and partners with over 400 resorts and spas across North America.