SOE Award Recipient

2020 • Science & Technology

Jenna Berg

Jenna Berg

• Santa Barbara, CA •

JobAps, Inc.

“Don't let fear drive your decisions. Believe that no single event will be the end of your business. Turn unfortunate events into opportunities to learn and to make changes and occasionally even win back a customer. Don't believe it is over until it is.”

Jenna's Bio...

Dr. Jenna Berg is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of JobAps, Inc. With 25 years of system design and programming experience and over fifteen years of experience working with government agencies, she directs JobAps in its mission to improve human resource processes and information access and analytics through technology. She holds a Ph.D. from Duke University in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Statistics.

Jenna has traveled extensively, working with various organizations volunteering and studying international development and technology in developing countries. She cofounded Children's Community Garden, Inc. a non-profit organization teaching organic gardening to Mayan communities and providing educational opportunities.

Jenna is cofounder and CFO of Lights Up! Theatre Company -- a non-profit organization providing professional performance instruction to teens in Santa Barbara.

Jenna grew up in Rochester, Minnesota, where her father worked for IBM and her mother taught home economics. Since 1998, Jenna has lived in Santa Barbara with her three sons.