SOE Award Recipient

2020 • Wholesale, Manufacturing & Global Trade

Kerry Mellin

Kerry Mellin

• Simi Valley, CA •

Mellin Works LLC DBA EazyHold

“Invention and Innovation is a melding of a new idea, and an old idea. If you have an interest in a certain area, you don’t need to be an expert at it … you just need to have enthusiasm and energy to improve upon it.”

Kerry's Bio...

Kerry Mellin is the founder and co-owner of After a 35-year career designing for the motion picture industry, Kerry discovered through her own necessity a lack of simple grip aids to help people continue to be active through physical adversity.

Designing inclusive products that allow the differently-abled more independence is the motivating force behind Mellin Works LLC, and Kerry's company, that she co-owns with her two sisters. Their innovative history includes designing and producing a new category of silicone grip aids for the healthcare and caregiving industries. They are proud that their small company can enable a whole new generation of children to live their lives more fully, with the dignity that comes with doing for one’s self.

Now supplied globally to over 7,000 schools, hospitals, and therapy centers, EazyHold is now recognized worldwide in university curricula, and academic textbooks.