SOE Award Recipient

2020 • Health & Wellness

Melodee Meyer

Melodee Meyer

• Santa Barbara, CA •

Kickboxers, Inc dba Martial Arts Family Fitness

“Find out what your customer wants and do your very best to give it to them. This means, research. Get out of your own head about what you think they want or what they should want. Find out, in their words, what they are looking for and craft an offer that provides that.”

Melodee's Bio...

Melodee Meyer is an international bestselling author, keynote speaker, business owner and mentor dedicated to empowering others to create the life they want, in a body they love, doing work that matters.

Melodee received her Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology and is a 6th degree blackbelt, inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. She has overcome many obstacles in her life including bullying, domestic violence, bulimia and life as a single mom to go on and build a 7-figure business, the journey of which she uses to inspire others, especially women, on national stages such as TEDx and NAWBO.

Melodee travels often but when she is home, she can be found hiking with her dog, Fletch, playing with one of her 4 grandkids, or kickboxing at her Dojo in Santa Barbara. She loves to eat good food, laugh ‘til it hurts and Instagram – sometimes all at the same time.