SOE Award Recipient

2020 • Arts & Entertainment

Teresa Kuskey Nowak

Teresa Kuskey Nowak

• Santa Barbara, CA •

La Boheme Professional Dance Group

“Listen to your gut! Follow your own path! Be ready to be laughed at! Be ready to not be liked. You are different. Many don't like change!”

Teresa's Bio...

Teresa began her study of dance at the age of four and has danced with New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, and the San Francisco Ballet. She attended UCSB and went on to work in hotels organizing events.

She founded Le Boheme Professional Dance Group after creating a dance troupe for the 2014 Santa Barbara Solstice Parade. They are a supportive, non-competitive community of dancers with varying levels of background and experience, with a focus on performance and collaboration. Their goal is to support our community and spread the joy of dance, creativity and artistic expression to dancers and audience alike.

Teresa has been married to her husband for over 30 years. They have six children together.