SOE Award Recipient

2021 • Retail

Ashe Brown

Ashe Browne

• Santa Barbara, CA •

Pura Luna Apothecary

"Believing in yourself, your dreams, your goals, your business etc., is one of the greatest achievements we can accomplish in this human experience. Trusting the process of what comes up in your entrepreneurship journey is part of greater expansion in your personal growth. You will never look back and regret taking a leap of faith on yourself and your dreams. If anything, you would regret not taking the leap at all."

Ashe's Bio...

Ashe and her wife, Christin started their first business 13 years ago. They chose to go into business together because of their entrepreneurial spirit and their desire to challenge themselves to grow their own wealth. They were in their twenties, optimistic and naïve when they took that leap of faith and they’ve always been glad they did.