SOE Award Recipient

2021 • Arts & Entertainment

Raleigh Corporate Photographer

Devyn Duex

• Santa Barbara, CA •

Nebula Dance Lab

"Take risks, without risks you cannot fail, and without failure you cannot grow. Any person that has taken any risks in their life would be lying if they told you they had never failed. The most successful people in life fail, and fail big... and still fail all the time. But it's how you move through those failures that defines you. Pick yourself back up, find the opportunity in the failure, and move forward with passion and conviction."

Devyn's Bio...

Devyn started her first business at the age of 5 when she offered to wash her family members’ clothes. She had slips that she would give each person and an amount that they would owe her for the service. It was  like 25 cents, but back then that was big money, especially for a five-year-old.